Below shows the full list of my publications.


  1. gong2023chapterentertainment.png
    Computational Modeling Entertainment Media Choice and Decision Making in Communication Science
    Xuanjun (Jason) Gong, and Richard Huskey
    In DeGruyter Handbook of Entertainment, 2024


  1. gong_huskey_ccr_2023.png
    Media selection is highly predictable, In principle
    Xuanjun (Jason) Gong, and Richard Huskey
    Computational Communication Research, Dec 2023
  2. gong_huskey_2023_hcr.png
    Consider the time dimension: theorizing and formalizing sequential media selection
    Xuanjun (Jason) Gong, and Richard Huskey
    Human Communication Research, Dec 2023
  3. gong2023mmtabs.png
    Moving behavioral experimentation online: A tutorial and some recommendations for drift diffusion modeling
    Xuanjun (Jason) Gong, and Richard Huskey
    American Behavioral Scientist, Nov 2023
  4. gong2023mmtddm.png
    Computationally modeling mood management theory: a drift-diffusion model of people’s preferential choice for valence and arousal in media
    Xuanjun (Jason) Gong, Richard HuskeyAllison Eden, and Ezgi Ulusoy
    Journal of Communication, Jun 2023
  5. jqad014.png
    Broadcast information diffusion processes on social media networks: exogenous events lead to more integrated public discourse
    Xuanjun (Jason) Gong, Richard HuskeyHaoning XueCuihua Shen, and Seth Frey
    Journal of Communication, Apr 2023


  1. 38423.png
    COVID-19 vaccine fact-checking posts on Facebook: Observational study.
    Haoning Xue, Xuanjun (Jason) Gong, and Hannah Stevens
    Journal of medical Internet research, Apr 2022


  1. jqab044.png
    Flexible and Modular Brain Network Dynamics Characterize Flow Experiences During Media Use: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study
    Richard Huskey, Justin Robert Keene, Shelby Wilcox, Xuanjun (Jason) Gong, Robyn Adams, and 1 more author
    Journal of Communication, Nov 2021